Kasoa: Trial of suspected killers of 2 policemen in 2019 begins

The Criminal Court 2 Division of the High Court on Wednesday, November 24, 2021, began the trial of two persons alleged to have shot and killed two policemen in Kasoa on 28th August 2019.

The trial had been delayed because of difficulty in impaneling the jury.

In her opening address, State Attorney, Nana Ama Prempeh said the two accused persons; Eric Kojo Duah alias Sakorah and Michael Safo Anim, gruesomely killed the two policemen in the full glare of the public and in the presence of many witnesses.

Lance Corporal Awal Mohammed and Group Sargent Michael Dzamesi of the Kasoa Motor Transport Traffic Department of the Ghana Police Service were on traffic duty on the day of the incident.

According to the State Attorney, the two accused persons have been committed to trial on charges of murder and Abetment of murder contrary to provisions of the country’s criminal and other offences law. She disclosed that autopsy reports showed that the policemen died of the shooting and its consequential effects.

The State will be presenting six (6) witnesses in the trial and will be burdened with proving beyond reasonable doubt that Eric Kojo Duah and Michael Safo Anim did indeed cause the death of Lance Corporal Awal Mohammed and Group Sargent Michael Dzamesi.

Lawyer for Eric Kojo Duah, alias Sakora, Augystines Obuor, on his part, submitted that it sounded completely abnormal that Eric Kojo Duah will just pull a gun and shoot at two policemen, and wondered why the Counsel for the Prosecution in her address never indicated what exactly the deceased policemen did to deserve what happened to him that day.

He invited the jury to thoroughly interrogate the testimonies of all the witnesses who will come before the Court, and to, “ask yourself; what did A1 do wrong.?”

Submitting his opening address, Lawyer for A2, Isaac Okyere-Kumah, urged the jury to be guided by settled Ghanaian law that presumes all accused persons innocent until a case is fully made against them.

The Court has asked the Prosecution to file its disclosures and witness statements before 8th December 2021 when the Court will reconvene at 10.30 am


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