Kumawu by-election: Arrest delegates who take pictures of ballot – NPP to Police

The General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Justin Kodua has asked the police to arrest any delegate who will take a picture of their ballot after voting in the party’s parliamentary primaries which is underway in the Kumawu Constituency.

Mr. Kodua denied reports that the party and the aspirants are doling out money to delegates who are taking part in the voting process.

He accused the National Democratic Congress of peddling falsehoods regarding the NPP’s primaries.

Mr. Kodua also alleged that some elements from the NDC are taking advantage of the primaries to share monies with delegates with intentions to tarnish the image of the NPP.

The NPP’s General Secretary before the official start of voting made both the aspirants and delegates pledge their loyalty to the process.

Both the aspirants and delegates pledged to accept the outcome of the voting whichever way it goes.

The aspirants also pledged not to opt out as independent candidates if the outcome does not go in their favor.

The delegates were also made to pledge that they will support any candidate who will emerge winner and will actively take part in all campaign activities ahead of the by-election.

About 420 delegates are taking part in the election and voting is underway.


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