Land guards invade Kojokrom; demolish over 100 houses

Dozens of locals in Kojokrom in the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abrem District in the Central Region are homeless as a marauding gang of land guards invaded the community and demolished houses leaving them stranded.

The incident comes on the back of a land dispute that has hit the area.

Reports indicate the said piece of land had been sold to some businessman without serving residents notice.

According to Kasapa News’ Yaw Boagyan, over 200 land guards invaded Komenda Kojokrom community on Sunday evening around 4:30 pm and started demolishing their houses.

They also reportedly stormed their farmlands and destroyed their farm produce, killed their domestic animals, and took some away.

The Assemblyman for Kojokrom Electoral Area, Isaac Mensah appealed to the Chiefs in the KEEA district to come to the aid of the affected residents and support them get their land back.

“I know nothing about the incident. I just had a call that some land guards have invaded the Electoral Area destroying the resident’s properties. I got there and they were gone”

Some displaced residents

Most of the people have fled the community after the incident happened.

The identity of the supposed businessman who bought the land is not known yet.


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