Lawyers Hot Over Bolga Conference Hotel Bills

Almost two months after 2020/2021 Ghana Bar Association (GBA) General conference, held in the Upper East Region, ten hotel managers in the Bolgatanga Municipality are calling on the Attorney General’s office to as a matter of urgency help pay their bills.

According to the managers, some lawyers who were part of the Bar conference lodged in the hotel rooms in the name of the AG’s office, used the facilities but never paid.

The frustrated managers are therefore threatening to seek justice from the public if the Attorney General’s fails to pay the services offered to the lawyers.

Speaking on ‘Daybreak Upper East’ show on A1 Radio, Abdalla Jonathan Salifu, one of the affected managers stressed that they are frustrated and will not take the matter lightly.

He further alleged that they have made several follow-ups to some lawyers who equally came for the conference and they revealed that monies were contributed individually to pay for the services but some persons within the jurisdiction sat on the money.

Mr. Abdalla who is the manager of A-Z Lodge, however, asked the lawyers to pay the money, else the affected hotels may name and shame them through the media.

Meanwhile, one of the local organizers of the Ghana Bar Association conference in Bolgatanga, Jalaadeen Abdullai said the concern raised has not come to his attention, regardless, the association will cross-check to confirm the veracity or otherwise of the claims.

He however asked the hotel managers to stay calm and allow the association to probe the issue further.


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