Let humility guide you : Rt Rev. Dr Dogbe charges people in authority

The Presiding Bishop of the Western West Africa Episcopal District of the AME Zion Church, Right Reverend Dr Hilliard K. Dela Dogbe, has called on people in authority to let the spirit of humility guide them in the discharge of their duties.
“We recognise that our leadership responsibility is to serve the people so when we have that servant-leadership mindset, that is enough to humble us in our service,” he said.

Rt Rev. Dr Dogbe said this on Sunday at a thanksgiving service to climax the first Biennial Joint Session of the East, West and Mid Ghana Annual Conferences of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Zion Church at the Pentecost Convention Centre at Gomoa Fetteh.

The Vice President, Dr v Bawumia, opened the conference which was held from August 24 to 28, 2022 on the theme: “The Freedom Church: Serving Our Flock.”

It was attended by members of the church from across the country.


Preaching the sermon on the theme: “Humility Brings Exaltation”, Rt Rev. Dr Dogbe said humility could not be relegated to the background but must be embraced as it was the final principle that should guide their faith, adding that humility was the road to elevation.

“Persecution will come but I have to help somebody understand that the glory of God is what will exalt you, and your humility shall lead to exaltation,” he said.

The Presiding Bishop noted that as people of faith, it was important that they focused on God and Jesus Christ.

Rt Rev. Dr Dogbe said it was important for the faithful to move from humility to exaltation and that there was the need for them to focus on God as He had endowed them with the capacity to eliminate their frustrations.

On the economic situation in the country, he said although things were difficult and many people were getting frustrated, it was critical that they did not lose hope in God.

God, he said, had held the country together and he believed there was light at the end of the tunnel.

“Let’s keep forging on and let’s be focused on God who has called us,” he emphasised.


The conference, he said, was to reflect on how far God had brought the church, review their work over the years and also plan for the future.

At the opening of the conference, Dr Bawumia admonished the church and other faith-based organisations (FBOs) to be purveyors of hope as the government worked to put the economy back on the path of recovery.

He said the COVID-19 pandemic and the raging war between Russia and Ukraine had placed a strain on the global economy, and the country had not been spared.

He also urged the people not to be “blinded and distracted by selfish partisanship as the government carries everyone along to bring transformation to their lives and communities”.

“If you look around the world, you will see that inflation and the cost of living have increased astronomically. As they say in the local parlance, ‘nowhere cool’,” he added.

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