Local Govt Staff Cautioned Against ‘Open’ Political Activities

The Head of Office of the Local Government Service, Dr Nana Ato Arthur, has cautioned local government staff across the country against openly engaging in political activities.

According to him, the country’s constitution bars staff of local government agencies from indulging in open politics although they have the right to vote during general elections.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the National Executive Council meeting of the Association of Coordinating Directors in Ghana (ASCOD) in Accra yesterday, Dr Arthur cautioned that any staff who would breach the law would face the necessary sanctions.

He reminded the workers that anyone who desired to openly engage in politics was firstly expected to resign from the service as required by law.

“We’re in the political season and the temptation for some of you is to get yourself involved in the activities surrounding it. But, the law frowns on that and so you’re not permitted.

“My advice to you all is to remain professional. Let us ensure that government machinery is effective and functional as ever. Let me remind you again that anyone caught doing otherwise would be made to face the law,” Dr. Arthur urged.

He asked ASCOD members to ensure that their respective assemblies made judicious use of dwindling resources and work towards improving efficiency.

Dr. Arthur said the work of coordinating directors was critical in decentralized governance and effective management of the assemblies and called on them to give off their best efforts.

He commended the association for supporting Ghana’s fight against COVID-19 through their GH₵120, 000 donation to the COVID-19 Trust Fund.

National President of ASCOD, Yaw Adu Asamoah, said the association had reminded members of their responsibilities during the electioneering and expressed confidence that most staff would adhere to the law strictly.

He said the association would not be able to defend staff who would flout the law, saying that “the law must work”.

Mr. Asamoah noted that the meeting would focus on exploring ways to set up a provident fund for members and reach consensus on issues affecting their pensions and welfare.

Mr. Asamoah said ASCOD was seeking to build partnerships and affiliations with other national and international organizations with similar interests, to share knowledge and best practices for effective management of local assemblies for the benefit of the populace.

Source: The Ghanaian Times


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