Man sells 8-bedroom house to buy weed, cocaine to abuse

A man identified as Kweku Gardener had to sell his father’s property to enable him to satisfy his drugging lifestyle.

Gardener, a system administrator, said he was introduced to drugs by friends against the will of his parents.

He said he became addicted and started taking drugs in large quantities.

This he said made him spend huge sums of money on drugs because he could not go a day without them.

The IT expert told, that he first sold his car and then later sold an 8-bedroom house which his father bequeathed to him to buy drugs.

“Along the line, I fell victim to the use of drugs because I had a close friend who was used to the use of heroin and cocaine. The drugs are expensive and you need a great deal of money to buy.”

“I spent virtually everything. I sold my car and I even ended up selling a house. My father bequeathed to me an estate 8-bedroom house, which I sold. I am an addict to high intake, which means I consume more stuff. I buy enough so that I stay away from the ghetto for some time because of police rampant chasing,” he said.

He explained how he is able to use the heroin as a sedative after taking the cocaine, which he claims, is a tranquilizer

“A gram of cocaine was about ghc 800,000 but heroin was selling around ghc 400,000. I don’t mix them because cocaine is a tranquilizer and heroin is a sedative substance. So when I take the cocaine and tranquil, meaning it speeds the rate of reaction, I take the heroin to slow me down,” he explained.

Mr. Gardener who was later imprisoned for two years over fraud said he was pained because he had been a thorn in the ‘flesh of his parents’.

He advised the youth to abstain from engaging in fraudulent activities, as it would end them in distressing situations.



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