Measures in place to attract more health professionals – U/E Health Directorate

The Upper East Regional Directorate of the Ghana Health Services says, it has put in place incentive packages to attract more doctors and critical health personnel to the region.

The region currently has 56 doctors serving over one million persons, which is woefully inadequate.

Over the years, doctors posted to the Upper East Region refused to report to work.

Speaking at the 2022 Regional Half year performance review, Upper East Regional Director of Health Services, Dr. Emmanuel Dzotsi said, measures have been taken to attract more doctors and critical human resources to improve quality health delivery.

“The inadequate number of critical human resources such as Physician and Surgical Specialists, Medical officers, Physician Assistants, Midwives, Laboratory Scientists, Pharmacists, Supply chain practitioners, accountants and various staff of public health professionals, continue to thwart our efforts in achieving our critical service indicators and targets.”

The region has put in place a deprived area incentive package to improve health staff attraction to the region. These include early promotion after two years of service, provision of early study leave with pay after three years of service and early transfers from the deprived areas after serving two years in deprived areas in the region”.

Dr. Dzotsi, stated that the region half year 2022 has attracted five medical officers and admonished assemblies to provide residential accommodation and some monetary incentives to retain health staff in the region.

Upper East Regional Minister, Stephen Yakubu further hinted that, all Municipal and District Assemblies have been tasked to sponsor and bond medical students to improve the doctor-patient ratio.

“As part of efforts to increase the number of Medical Doctors in the region, the Regional Co-ordinating Council has directed all MMDAs to identify and sponsor medical students in their respective areas so as to compel them to come and serve in those areas. This is particularly important in view of the construction of Agenda 111 hospitals”.

He stated that, the region has received 30 number motor tricycle ambulances from the Northern Development Authority to facilitate and improve maternal health.

He further said, government’s Agenda 111 projects from which the Upper East Region is benefiting from seven (7) district hospitals were progressing steadily.


Source: citinews


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