Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources lauds improving turbidity of River Ankobra

The Deputy Lands and Natural Resources Minister, George Mireku Duker, has expressed satisfaction with the improving state of the downstream portion of River Ankobra which has for about a decade suffered serious pollution from illegal gold mining activities.

Speaking to Citi News during a visit to River Ankobra in the Ellembelle District, George Mireku Duker, while crediting the clearing state of the river to government’s regulatory and monitoring agencies’ efforts, said the situation is encouraging, and therefore the Ministry will work to see same improvement with other river bodies.

“With a section of the Ankobra River getting clearer as far as its turbidity level is concerned, though not all rivers in the country, it is very encouraging for all of us to emulate the effort by the various District Assemblies and the river wardens. They have been patrolling here for quite some time, and I’m happy to announce that the Ankobra downstream is getting clearer. We want to do same for Pra River and other river bodies”, he said.

Reacting to concerns expressed by some residents who spoke to Citi News and revealed that the clearing state of the river the Minister saw is temporary and on and off, as it is due to the movement of the sea tide upstream, the Deputy Minister said the current state is still positive which calls for all to join the fight to expand the successes to other rivers.

“Somebody may also argue that other portions of River Ankobra are not clear as we see here. We accept that argument but what do we do? I may not be able to go around all the rivers, so we have to collaboratively come together and make sure that we work for the success and protection of our river bodies. Let me also assure Ghanaians that the sector minister, Samuel Abu Jinapor, is so determined that we will do whatever we can to get our river bodies protected from the illegalities of mining as we are for responsible mining”, he added.

George Mireku Duker was accompanied in his tour of the improving Ankobra River by the Western Regional Acting Boss of the Minerals Commission, Francis Annobil, the MCE for Nzema East, Dorcas Elizabeth Asamoah and DCE for Ellembelle, Kwasi Bonzoh.

SOurce: citinews


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