Ministry of National Security responds to water crisis in Dodome-Awuiasu

The human security directorate of the ministry of national security has responded to the appeal for potable water in Dodome-Awuiasu in the Ho West District of the Volta Region.

A delegation from the ministry visited the community on Tuesday 18 April to assess the situation. The district chief executive, Ernest Apau, and the Volta Regional coordinator for the national security, Appiah Fenteng, joined the delegation from Accra.

This intervention follows Asaase Radio’s report of 12 April on the water challenges faced by residents of the community.

Residents depend on rain water and a stream on the outskirts of the community which dries up in the dry season. The youths in the community initiated fundraising efforts aimed at building a mechanized borehole.

Ministry of national security responds to appeal for potable water in Dodome-Awuiasu

The chief of the community, Togbe Blasu V, said “they [ministry of national security] came here to listen to our story. According to them, when we came to this very borehole [pointing to one of the non-functioning boreholes] they tasted it themselves and said they’ll go and come back, and if possible, they’ll give us assistance.”

Currently, there are four boreholes in the community: three are manual and one is mechanised. Two of the boreholes have broken down completely. The third borehole produces water with sediments, which residents complain is not safe for use.

The fourth borehole (mechanised) does not produce enough water to serve the community’s population of about 2000.

The delegation spoke with the chief and opinion leaders of the community during the visit.

They told Asaase Radio’s Volta Regional correspondent that they may consider building more than one mechanised borehole and also repair the broken ones.

This intervention comes as a sigh of relief for residents of Dodome-Awuiasu as it will address issues of water and sanitation in the community.


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