NADMO’s relief items not enough; we want more support – Weija Municipal Assembly

The Weija Gbewa Municipal Assembly wants benevolent individuals and institutions to support households affected by the Weija Dam spillage with relief items.

According to the assembly, although NADMO has provided some items to cushion the affected persons, the aid of others is still needed.

Many residents of Tetegu, Weija, Ashbread and other communities were left homeless as the spilled water took over their homes and businesses.

Properties including television sets, mattresses among other things were also destroyed in the process.

“Anybody who has been touched by the devastation that has happened to the municipality can also come to our aid. We need food, clothing, water for the people. Anyone who can be of help should contact the Assembly so we can immediately help our people”, Patrick Kumor, Municipal Chief Executive for Weija Gbawe said.

Meanwhile the Deputy Director General in charge of operations at the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), Abu Ramadan says his outfit will ensure that the current relief items will be given to the worst affected persons.

“We have enough to share but as soon as it is exhausted, we will send more to them. But the rains are still coming so we shouldn’t empty the stores right now so that if there is another emergency, we wouldn’t have anything to distribute. Whatever we have now, we will try to distribute it fairly. So we are doing strategic distribution. Whatever we have given them, should be enough to meet the needs of the heavily affected immediately.”


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