NDC will use deadly violence to win 2024 – constituency youth organizer declares

Constituency youth organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) for Suame in the Ashanti Region, Razak Koampa Avoliya, has stated that the party plans to use violent acts which will lead to the loss of lives to win the December 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections.

In a viral video, the NDC official is heard saying that the NDC is not capable of winning elections in Ghana against the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and President Akufo-Addo through a free and fair process except through the use of violence.

“My experience in politics has taught me that we (NDC) cannot win an election against the NPP and Akufo-Addo on paper, we can only win through violence and you cannot have violence without casualties.

“Together with the youth of Suame, we have taken a decision to visit mayhem on all NPP members because it is the only way we can survive in the political space in the country” the Suame NDC youth organizer Razak Koampa Avoliya stated in the video clip.

“As a political party, all we need is power and there is no law that indicates that power can only be acquired from the Bible before you get the opportunity to serve in office.

“If President Akufo-Addo killed eight people to win power, why should it be strange for the NDC to kill two people in Suame to pave way for John Mahama of the NDC to return to power” he added.

Call for violence

In the video, Koampa Avoliya, further noted that he has instructed his branch youth organizers to prepare themselves going into the 2024 elections and attack every NPP member they come across if that will help the NDC win power.

“If it will take the firing of a gun for the NDC to win power, you should do that because President Akufo-Addo has demonstrated that you can kill for power.

“We are ready to do just that and the current crop of national leaders who we have elected are motivating us to use violence and that is exactly what we are going to do” the NDC officer said.

“I encourage all NDC members in the country to kill if that is what will make us win the elections. If it will take the use of guns or sticks to kill in order to win political power, do just that” Razak Koampa Avoliya said.

Founder & chief executive officer (CEO) of the Atta-Mills Institute and former general secretary of the NDC Samuel Koku Anyidoho, has in a tweet, condemned the comments of the NDC youth organizer for Suame in the Ashanti Region, Razak Koampa Avoliya, describing them as extremely repugnant and abhorrent.

Mr Anyidoho in his tweet, called on the NDC party Chairman Johnson Asiedu-Nketiah, to show leadership by condemning the claims made by the NDC official.
“Honestly, as a Christian, I find it extremely repugnant and abhorrent that an official of my NDC can say openly that the National Executives asked him to speak abusively about the peace-loving message of the Holy Bible. Asiedu-Nketiah must come out & condemn this or else …” Koku Anyidoho said in his tweet.

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