NEDCo disconnects power to Sunyani Circuit Court and others over debt

The Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCo) has disconnected power to the Sunyani Circuit Court ‘B’, University of Energy and Natural Resources and Ghana National Fire Service all in the Sunyani Municipality for failure to settle their indebtedness to the company.

This forms part of the NEDCo’s mass revenue mobilization exercise. The Sunyani area manager for NEDCo, Francis Babereyir, in an interview with Asaase Radio stated that the level of debts ranges from about GHC 27,000 to GHC4.8 million.

He said, “we disconnected Sunyani Circuit Court, University of Energy and Natural Resources and Fire Service. Some owe in millions and others in tens of thousands of cedis. I have seen that some owe about 4.8 million, some also owe as little as 27,000 and so it’s a whole range.”

Babereyir further said some of the institutions that have been disconnected have begun discussions with the NEDCo while others have made part payments with a promise to make further payments.

He urged customers to make it a point to pay their debt to avoid getting disconnected. He also called for a change of attitude by customers on the payment of their bills.

The NEDCo began a revenue drive to retrieve about GHC1.2 billion owed the company by customers to enable it to pay the GHC1.6 billion it owes the Volta River Authority. The NEDCo also owes the power transmitter, the Ghana Grid Company, GHC481 million.

On the average, the NEDCo spends about GHC120 million monthly to supply power to its customers, while it collects an average of GHC85 million monthly from them. This means the northern sector power distributor is unable to recoup GHC35 million monthly. This makes the NEDCO’s current mass revenue mobilization exercise inevitable.


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