The Alliance For Footsoldiers Advocacy(AFFA) is appealing to Leadership of NPP and government appointees to bring footsoldiers of the party closer to them before they turn against the party just like the recent happenings in parliament.

He also advised its members to desist from using the platform to lobby for a position for any leader in the party but rather to lobby for the welfare of its members alone.


This group is a voluntary association of all footsoldiers across the country championing the welfare of its members.
The group bemoans that they have been neglected when it comes to the appointment for leadership positions regardless of the pivotal role they played by moving across the length and breadth of this country amassing votes to able to capture political power through the ballot box.

Speaking to the media today at the launch of this assiciation, the PRO of the group Opeimu Wayome says NPP is undoubtedly better managers of the economy than NDC but when it comes to ensuring the welfare of their footsoldiers, they are worse than any political party.
He therefore urged government appointees and party leadership to bring closer to them footsoldiers and hand over positions of head of secretariats to a footsoldier to handle.
They appealed to Nana Akufo Addo to take cognisant of this matter and treat it with the urgency it deserves.

He finally commended the media for a good work done for a wide coverage in the just ended elections whilst appreciating the efforts of some party personalities who have been fighting for the welfare of the footsoldiers.


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