NPP remembers lessons of ‘kumepreko’ demonstration of 11 May 1995

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Wednesday 11 May 2022, was the 27th anniversary of a hardly commemorated event, the “Kumepreko” demonstration against the new Value Added Tax (VAT) introduced by the then NDC Government at 17.5%.
On that day, eight people, unarmed citizens demonstrating peacefully, were gunned down in broad day sunshine by members of the ruling NDC, specifically, the ACDR (Association of Committees for the Defence of the Revolution) a wing of the then ruling party.

Even though evidence pointed to specific individuals, no one was eventually punished for those brutal murders.

The tax was temporarily withdrawn to be reintroduced at 10%. But did eight Ghanaian citizens have to be executed in the streets of Accra just for holding a different point of view?
Commemorated for the infamy of unfettered violence and murder committed by the NDC Government, the event takes on new significance with the advent of the e-levy.



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