Obuasi Floods: Scores displaced, properties destroyed

A number of residents in Obuasi in the Ashanti Region have been displaced following flooding in the area after hours of rain on Wednesday.

Many affected persons had to scoop water out of their rooms, while others have been forced to leave their homes.

The flooding has also led to the destruction of property and other valuables in people’s homes and workplaces.

The areas that have been hardest hit include the central business district of Obuasi, Bidiem, Mensakrom, Nyameso, Bogobiri, Kunka, North Nyamebekyere, Emuye, among others.

Some major roads were flooded as commuters faced difficulties moving around.

Some persons including students were trapped as a result of the floods.

Many of the affected persons say this is the first time they are experiencing flooding in their areas.

The residents have thus called on the government to put in place urgent measures to address the issue.

“Items that got destroyed include fridges and some other items that we were not able to take out of our fitting shop. Water entered the cars that we were unable to move away from here. We want the authorities to address this issue for us as early as possible because we are suffering. Although they are constructing drainages, it has not been effective as it should,” a resident, Eric Tawia stated.

“This flooding issue has affected us badly. I have lived here for at least 25 years. The recent flooding situation is unprecedented. We do not know what really caused it, but I think the drainage system the assembly constructed did not help. The water passing through it does not flow freely because it is too small. They have to construct bigger drainages just like the one in Subin within the Kumasi Metropolis,” another resident, Paa Kwesi appealed.

Following the growing concerns by the affected persons for the issue to be addressed as early as possible, the municipal chief executive for Obuasi, Elijah Adansi-Bonah says his outfit is putting in efforts to construct more drains.

After visiting some flooded areas, Mr. Adansi-Bonah however attributed the incident partly to the indiscriminate dumping of refuse into drains by residents.

“It is not about the size of the newly constructed drains. We have competent contractors who have studied the municipality, and they have determined the size of the drains. If you look at Obuasi, I can tell you that what we have done so far, may not even go beyond 40% of the entire drainage system that we want to cover in Obuasi. Where we’ve not done the drains, definitely if it rains, it will flood the whole of the area. We will talk about the size if we are done with it and still it overflows. My observation is clear to everybody. We’ve been to about 3, 4 places and the distraction is clear for everybody to see. All I’m saying is that government has a role to play, Nananom have a role to play, and the residents also have a role to play, so let’s come together. One pathetic thing in this destruction is that people dump refuse into the drains, and that is bad. So my piece of advice is that don’t throw rubbish into the drains”.

The Municipal Chief Executive has also admonished residents who have been affected to relocate to other areas anytime it is about to rain until the assembly fully addresses the issue.

“What you have to do is maybe leave your place if you know it is an area that gets flooding anytime it rains. You have to leave the area, take your kids away from the area. Until we solve the problem of drainage, we will continue to experience it,” Elijah Adansi-Bonah stated.

Source: citinews


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