Ofori-Atta must resign for trying to re-introduce road tolls – Agbodza

The Ranking Member for the Roads and Transport Committee of Parliament, Governs Kwame Agbodza is not enthused about the government’s intent to charge road tolls after the completion of expansion works on the Tema Motorway Road.

Speaking on Citi TV’s Point of View, Mr. Agbodza described the move as annoying, saying the Minister should resign for introducing unfavourable policies.

“His attempt to bring tolling debt… is quite annoying, and that is why I say he should probably resign.”

Mr. Agbodza also called out the Minister over what he termed as inconsistencies in his mid-year review of the Budget Statement and Economic Policy.

Citing examples to back his claim, Mr. Agbodza said the Finance Minister has not been sincere about the details of the Tema Motorway expansion project.

“The insincerity, lack of candour, and inconsistencies of the Finance Minister are amazing. In the 2021 budget, this same Finance Minister listed many roads. He referred to the motorway project as 31.7 kilometres. He said the government has already signed an agreement to construct the Tema Motorway.”

“In the mid-year review, this Finance Minister is saying procurement processes are ongoing for the construction of the motorway. What kind of inconsistencies are we dealing with here? Who goes to start the procurement process after signing contracts… I am so amazed about that.”

The collection of road tolls nationwide was stopped as part of a policy announcement in the 2022 budget, rendering several road toll collectors jobless.

Mr. Agbodza questioned the government’s delays in reassigning and settling arrears owed the toll collectors.

“The Finance Minister said he will ensure all the toll collectors will be reassigned. Since they have been sacked, they have not been reassigned.

Source: citinews


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