Pastors in this country seem to only understand how to preach doom – George Quaye

Versatile actor, George Quaye, has bemoaned the surge in tragic prophesies and sermons communicated by some acclaimed men of God in the country.

The host of Late Night Express and Showbiz A-Z on Joy FM, in an interview on PM Express indicated that there appears to be a taste for doom on the part of pastors.

According to him, the unfortunate situation is what dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale in his recent hoax shooting incident was trying to draw attention to.

Speaking with Evans Mensah on Wednesday, Mr Quaye noted that such predictions should not be taken lightly, and pastors in question must face the full rigor of the law.

“If a pastor dares mention my name, George Quaye and says on a said date that someone is going to shoot me dead, I’m going to report and have that pastor arrested first. How do I know he is not the one going to organise to have me shot?

“Perhaps this is the point Shatta Wale has been trying to make and we are not getting. It is serious. Pastors in this country seem to just understand how to preach doom. I’ve never heard a pastor say Evans Mensah is going to be President of Ghana in 2032,” he lamented.

His comments come at a time when award-wining artiste, Shatta Wale pulled a stunt to shed light on life-threatening predictions some pastors make about celebrities.

On Monday, two persons who work closely with the Shatta Movement President; Kojo Owusu Koranteng and Eric Venator, circulated a gun-attack incident on the life of the “Already” hitmaker on social media.

Concerns from citizens heightened when a prophesy by founder and leader of New Life Kingdom Chapel International, Bishop Stephen Akwasi resurfaced on the internet.

According to the prophesy, Shatta Wale on October 18, would lose his life in the same fashion as South African reggae artiste, Lucky Dube did in 2007. Lucky Dude was shot to death.

Later on, the Police noted it had commenced investigations into the matter. Subsequently, Shatta Wale in a Facebook post revealed that he was on the run because his life had been threatened.

He stated that he would only return if the security agencies take action on the matter and called for the end of fake prophesies.

“This pastor said 18th October Shatta Wale will be shot, and you want to tell me you didn’t see from your cyber crime department, nor did you hear or came across anything like that online?

“I won’t wait for Ghana police to call my father and tell my father his son got shot this afternoon. I won’t wait for Ghana’s stupid media houses to spread news to my fans about me being shot because all we wish in this country is for dead people and funerals,” he added.

Following this, preliminary investigations by the Police revealed the widely reported gunshot attack on Shatta Wale on Monday was a hoax.

Reacting to the prank pulled by Shatta Wale, George Quaye is of the view that the stunt orchestrated by the artiste simply affirms his intelligence to manipulate the media space.

He referenced an article about the artiste by BBC and Shatta Wale taking advantage of October 18, a day he was predicted to die, to establish his point.

“This is not Burna Boy, David or Wiz Kid. This is our own Shatta Wale. It is genius. We may look at it negatively because naturally there are negative effects. Like it or yes, it may be deception of a sort but it is showbiz. If they are not talking about you, that is when you are doing something wrong. I’m not endorsing Shatta Wale’s style.

“We are talking about taking advantage of situations. I think Shatta took advantage of the situation. He didn’t do it on October 1 or 7 but on October 18, the day it had been predicted to happen,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kojo Owusu Koranteng, Eric Venator and Bishop Stephen Akwasi have been arrested for causing fear and panic.

Also, on Tuesday evening, Shatta Wale turned himself in after the police declared him wanted. The Police confirmed his arrest in a Facebook post.

The four arrested have been denied bail and according to Acting Public Affairs Director, DSP Alexander Obeng, they will be charged and processed for court in line with the security service’s modalities.

Prophesies about death

Early this year, Founder and Leader of the Glorious Word and Power Ministry, Reverend Isaac Owusu Bempah predicted some casualties to happen in the course of 2021.

He, however, failed to mention the names of those who will be directly affected by these prophecies. According to him, recent hostilities and acts of mockery against prophets have made it necessary for him to avoid mentioning names.

The list of prophesies for 2021 include:

A great king will die.
2. The death of a person who has ruled Ghana before.

3. A great political party will be bereaved, as they would lose one of their leaders.

4.The death of a person who is likely to be President of Ghana.

5. The death of a person who has controlled and managed the finances of the country before.


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