Police launch 24/7 Traffic Monitoring Facility to crack down on reckless drivers

The Ghana Police Service has launched a Motor Traffic and Accident Monitoring and Surveillance Center in Accra.

The Center is expected to assist Police to conduct real-time assessments of road traffic offenses, accidents, and other related issues within Police Commands nationwide.

Police say the Center will help monitor street cameras meant to fight crimes.

At the inauguration of the Centre, Chief Inspector Joseph Zanu explained how the system works, and said this is a state-of-the-art centre that would be used to look out for drivers who commit road traffic offences and would have facial and number plate recognition capability.

“This is a centre that has cameras, that we refer to as intelligence video surveillance cameras. They are not the ordinary CCTV cameras there that we know, because they have special security features such as the automatic number plate recognition you have the face recognition, what it means is that these cameras operate 24/7 during day and at night if you’re caught even at the blind side of those monitoring at the centre, it can be retrieved from the system. The cameras have been strategically positioned across the country itself as a backup to the field man it means that we’ re policing, so even though we have no policemen on the field, we can still use the camera to look out for offenders in the event that we do not have policemen on the ground it just means that the camera is doing the work,” Chief Inspector Joseph Zanu explained.



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