Police probe alleged assault on motorist by officer at Tesano

The Tesano Divisional Police Command is investigating an alleged assault of a motorist by a police officer for flouting road traffic regulations.

The victim, Kofi Marfo, alleges that the police officer forced himself into his vehicle after he was directed to park for crossing the red light.

He told Citi News the officer assaulted him in the process.

“The traffic light was on amber at the police depot, so I crossed. When I got to Abeka, the police stopped me and said I had crossed a red light, so I should park. As I made an attempt to park, a plain-clothed man entered my car and shouted, where am I going?”

“I responded that I’ve been asked to park by the police and that’s what I’m doing. It turned into a scuffle, he hit me on the nose and I started bleeding. The police are saying that they will investigate the matter because I am bleeding, but I don’t think they should drag this issue. The car was bought for me three days ago, and I don’t even have my licence; it is in Kumasi.”

Meanwhile, the Tesano Divisional Police Commander, DSP Comfort Forkah, says her outfit will thoroughly investigate the case.

“The case has been brought to my attention and I have asked an investigator to take over the case and investigate. The officer has also complained of injuries, so we will issue a medical form for him to go to the hospital for it to be endorsed by a medical officer for him to bring to the investigation team”, she said.

She also urged drivers to obey road traffic regulations.

“We urge all drivers to drive carefully and ensure that they exercise restraint, taking decisions while on the road. We urge them to drive carefully, especially when they are approaching traffic intersections so that it does not put them into trouble.”


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