Politicians must not lead fight against galamsey – Small Scale Miners Association

The Ghana National Small-Scale Miners Association has called for more technocrats to lead the fight against illegal mining.

The General Secretary of the group, Godwin Armah, complained that the current leaders in the fight were too politically exposed.

“When you use political people to lead, what happens? Anytime they take any decision, they will be attacked, and they need votes so, at the end of the day, they will relax.”

“So let the people [experts] be at the front. Let’s give them the political backing so that they will lead and ensure that the right thing is done,” Mr. Armah implored.

He also said he wanted more accountability at the local government level because that is the front line of the fight against illegal mining.

“When you look at what is going on, the same politics is going on in that particular space. Most of the DCEs in these mining communities are not interested in adhering to the orders coming from the national level.”

Mr. Armah said the current leaders at the district level “should be kicked off and bring people that have the environment at heart.”

Source: citinews


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