Politicians Urges To Be Truthful Always

Political leaders have been urged to be truthful and be consistent with what they say at all times.

Mr Emmanuel Arthur, Chief Executive Officer of Advocate for Social Intervention Ghana (ASIG) who made the call, said it was important for politicians to uphold the laws of the country, whether in power or in opposition.

In a statement issued in Kumasi, ASIG said it was sad that politicians interpreted the country’s laws differently to suit their political interest at different times, either in government or in opposition.

The statement cited the case of the three Guantanamo bay detainees and that of the former Auditor-General Mr Yao Demelovo and said politicians in the two main political parties in Ghana-NPP and NDC were interpreting the laws differently while in government and while in opposition.

It said such interpretations by the politicians were nothing but to confuse the people and win their sympathy.

The statement said it was time politicians were consistent with the interpretation of the laws and stood by their principles, to enable the people to have confidence in them.

Politicians should have a firm understanding of the country’s laws and interpret them according to the spirit and the letter, and not to suit their parochial political interests.

Source: GNA


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