Preaching that not paying tithe will send you to hell is false teaching – Bishop

Founder and General Overseer of Kingdom Life Ministries, Bishop E.O Ansah paying or not paying your tithe does not guarantee one a place in heaven or hell.

The man of God explained that although some men of God preach that not paying to the could send an individual to hell, the man of God disagreed.

Bishop Ansah stated that churches or men of God should not force members to tithe.

He suggested that they teach their members that tithing is God’s word and that paying tithe helps God’s work.

He stated that tithes are the most reliable source of revenue for the church and that when they are generated, they help the church run, but they should not be mandatory.

”You don’t have to operate under compulsion. You’ve got to stand on the word of God and convince your congregation that it is profitable and beneficial to pay your tithe. But if someone refuses to pay, don’t force them.”

The respected man of God, speaking to Nyhiraba Kwabena Asirifi on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm’s weekend morning show, said, “church members must understand tithing but should not be forced. Churches have their philosophies, but I don’t believe that paying or not paying your tithes will keep you from going to heaven”.

Bishop E.O Ansah emphasised the importance of churches accounting to members for how funds were spent.

HGe also suggested that the church use its resources to help poor church members.

One other thing he stated was that tithing would bring upon the tither blessings that will overflow to his or her family.

“Tithing has both blessings and power. That is the message you should convey, not the claim that if you do not tithe, you will go to hell.”



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