Prof. Aryee gets top UN post

Chief Operations Officer of Hanergy Global Ghana, Prof. Hugh K. Aryee, has been inducted as the first Country Director of the Ghana Chapter of the United Nations International Peace and Governance Council (UNIPGC).
He was inducted to serve a five-year term, spanning October 7, 2022, to October 6, 2027.

The induction was witnessed by high profile members of society, including the Founder and Executive Director of Salt & Light Ministries, Joyce Aryee; the Global Vice-President of the UNIPGC, Jonathan Ojadah, and the Regional Director of UNIPGC, Godwin Stanley.

Also present were the National President of the United Nations Association of Ghana (UNAG), Bishop Dr Peter Kojo Sackey, as well as traditional rulers, Christian leaders, members of academia and well-wishers.


In his acceptance speech, Dr Aryee said he looked forward to challenging himself by collaborating with various countries represented on the UNIPGC, as well as international and local bodies, to provide competitive research and new innovations to benefit the sub-region and Africa.

“As the first Country Director, my duties are to work hard in bringing together a wide range of civil society organisations from the international to the local level, consolidate and strengthen the efforts of organisations and individuals around the world,” he added.

Dr Aryee also pledged to ensure the promotion of human rights, good governance and democratic development, while supporting free and fair elections, institutional capacity building and the fight against corruption, both within the country and across the globe.

He further vowed to explore opportunities and coordinate with funding institutions and development agencies through the UNIPGC to support the country’s effort in specific areas of development concerns.


In officially inducting Prof. Aryee, the Global Vice-President of the UNIPGC, Dr Jonathan Daniel Ojadah, urged him to be a good ambassador of the organisation in all his endeavours as Country Director.

He said through the induction, the organisation was standing to be counted as one of the solution providers to national and international development, as well as reputable change advocates fostering sustainable peace and governance in African communities.

“The organisation is setting a record today by inducting Prof. Aryee today, who has true passion for human beings with a deep sense of accountability and integrity, as the Country Director, UNIPGC-Ghana chapter,” Dr Ojadah added.


Ms Aryee expressed the hope that the new Country Director would be a great advocate for good governance and lasting peace in both Ghana and Africa.

“I am excited because we are going to have someone dedicated to making sure that not only Ghana lives in the kind of peace that brings prosperity, but all of Africa benefits thereof,” she added.

She further expressed the hope that Prof. Aryee would champion capacity building, support research and produce policy oriented recommendations to solve the current problems on the continent.


The UNIPGC, a registered civil society organisation with headquarters in the USA, aims to bring together a wide range of civil society organisations, from the international to the local levels, to consolidate and strengthen efforts of organisations and individuals around the world to handle civil and ethnic conflicts, inter-state wars, terrorism, poverty eradication, negative impacts of economic globalisation, human rights abuses and the problems experienced by transitional and democratising societies.

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