Prostitute steals colleague’s kids while engaging a client

The Circuit Court in Ashaiman has sentenced a prostitute to eight years imprisonment for the theft of two kids aged 11 years and 11 months.
The convict, a practicing prostitute at Ashaiman who is also to undergo a pregnancy test, was requested by the court to be tested for the Coronavirus (Covid-19), together with nine other suspects.
The prosecution told the court presided over Mrs Agnes Opoku-Barimah that the two kids were children of her fellow prostitutes, and after illegally taking custody of them, runaway to the south of the Volta Region, where she was later apprehended following police investigations.
On how she stole the 11 months toddler, the prosecution stated that on that fateful day, her colleague prostitute had a client, hence, she was handed the child to keep briefly, only for her to vanish with the kid.
In the same court were nine suspects who have been apprehended by the police during a swoop on motorbike riders who failed to observe the social distancing order.
Though they were granted bail, the court ordered that their Covid-19 status must be known before being released.
The Ashaiman Municipal Health Directorate was, therefore, roped in and their samples were secured for the tests, which results the court is expecting.
The Chronicle’s investigation has disclosed that since the upsurge of Covid-19, the prison authorities have impressed upon the police and the courts to let every convict or remanded prisoner be accompanied with a Covid-19 certificate to know the said person’s status.
The paper gathers that from the onset, the prisons officials were rejecting prospective inmates without the Covid-19 certificate, and this resulted in the increase of the spread of the virus in police cells.
The paper’s information is that both convicts and remand prisoners, if made available to the authorities as demanded, are kept in quarantine under heavy armed guard.
Source: chronicle


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