Protests Held In New York, California Against Ghana Anti-LGBT Bill

MGhanaians and allies in New York and California on October 11, organised a protest against the anti-LGBT bill set to be debated in Parliament.

The protest, which saw rallies organised in Harlem, New York, and in Oakland, California is aimed at getting the anti-LGBT bill scrapped.

The proposed ‘Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values’ bill would criminalize LGBTQI+ identities and allyship, imposing harsh sentences ranging from fines to forced conversion therapy and up to 10 years imprisonment.

This protest is the latest in a series of international protests organised by Ghanaians and allies abroad calling on the country’s parliament to drop the bill and urging President, Akufo-Addo to veto it if it passes.

The conveners of the protest say the bill if passed, “would impede HIV and other health services for LGBTQI+ people. The bill would also require suspected LGBTQI+ people to “recant” their sexual and gender identities and pay for conversion therapy to avoid prison time.

“Ultimately, the law would torture and endanger the lives and health of LGBTQI+ Ghanaians.”

They added that “If passed, the law would push Ghana’s LGBTQI+ community further into the shadows and increase incidents of violence.

“It would also chill speech online and abroad by allowing the extradition and prosecution of Ghanaian advocates and allies.”

They’re calling on Ghanaians both home and abroad to join the call for the rejection of the bill using hastags #QueerGhanaianLivesMatter #KillTheBillGhana #Ghanagetsbetter



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