Recruit people with college degrees to implement security strategy – Norman

President and Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Security, Disaster and Emergency Studies, Dr. Ishmael Norman, has asked the government to recruit the right people to implement the newly-launched national security strategy.

He suggested that persons with college degrees who have the capacity to do analytical thinking should be engaged to implement the strategy.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, on Monday June 7 commissioned a newly-constructed building for the Ministry of National Security, and launched the National Security Strategy document, the first such document in the history of the country.

Speaking at the ceremony he expressed his satisfaction that the National Security Ministry “has decided to name this new building after one of its most hardworking leaders, the late National Security Co-ordinator, Joshua Kyeremeh, who died so tragically early whilst in office, and was laid to rest a few days ago”.

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“The National Security Strategy also aims to establish Ghana as a land of opportunities, with the resolve and the capability to protect her people, her culture and her values, to spur growth, development and prosperity that inure to the well-being of her people, whilst positioning the country to play a meaningful and influential role at regional, continental and global levels,” he added.

Commenting on this strategy, Dr Norman told Dzifa Bampoh on the First Take on 3FM on Tuesday June 8 that the Ministry of National Security will have to breakdown the implementation of the strategy.

“Before, we didn’t have a basis to assess their performance. Now we do.

“Now, we can go to the strategy and say that you said you would do this. By the way, the fact that they have come up with a strategy doesn’t mean that the work of the Ministry is done. Now they will have to operationalize the strategy as the president said yesterday at the inauguration and launching of the strategy and the Minister himself is also aware.

“So, it is now more work for them to really break it down. When you say you will do A,B,C,D what does it mean to me as a citizen of this country?”

Dr Norman further said the stakeholders should be given some space to implement this policy.

“Let us give them some space and let us see what they do going forward,” he said.

Asked what will be suggestion to government in terms of the areas to focus on with the implementation of this strategy, he said “I think financial situations, unemployment for example, having a good job, having a good salary, they are dimensions of national security. They are not directly mandated by the constitution or even by their strategy. They are extension of national security because that is what will make us happy or make us achieve the goals that we set for ourselves.

“One of the things that they really need to do is that they need to recruit good people, people with college degrees, people who can do analytical work, people who can do critical thinking.”


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