Residents around Maamobi market protest planned demolition exercise

Persons who live around the Maamobi market in the Senya electoral area in Accra are agitating against a planned demolition exercise by the Ayawaso North Municipality.

According to the residents, about 6,000 people will be rendered homeless if the exercise is carried out without proper engagement.

They are calling on the government or the assembly to value their assets and pay compensation or relocate them before they will agree to any eviction.

The residents say they have been living in the area for decades and any forceful eviction will be met with resistance.

A resident who spoke to Citi News said, “we did not come here on our own. Government relocated us to this new market. We have been here for a long time now, only for the Assembly to give us an 8-day ultimatum to leave this place. The Assemblyman also came to us and gave us 21 days to leave, beginning on the 8th of this month.”

“No one is listening to us. We have been here for over 50 years. We have built properties on this land. We are really disturbed. We need the authorities to rescind their decision, come to us, so we can find a way around the issue.”

“This is just the beginning of a series of protests we will embark on if our concerns are ignored,” another resident said.

Source: citinews


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