Russian Embassy in Ghana slams Kamala Harris for ‘anti-Russian fakes’

The Russian Embassy in Ghana has taken on US Vice President Kamala Harris over her claims about the impact of the Russian-Ukraine crisis on African countries.

The Embassy explained that her claim that the war has led to the inability of nations across the globe to access certain foods, particularly grain, is not accurate.

Fact-checking the US VP’s statement on its Twitter page on Wednesday, March 29, the Russian Embassy said European officials have acknowledged that about 53 million tonnes of grain and other food products have been supplied by Ukraine.

It stressed that the only reason for the apparent food insecurity in Africa is “because of the EU and US sanctions that block the Russian grain export”.

It also indicated that 45 percent of the total volume of grain export from Ukraine went to Europe while only 3 percent came to Africa.

The Embassy in 2022 took on President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and other world leaders for blaming the economic hardship on the Putin-led invasion in February that year.

“The Embassy wishes to shed some light on the roots and drivers of this crisis and provide a comprehensive and objective analysis without emotions and political prejudice,” it began a thread that seemingly exonerated Russia.


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