Security installers undergo training

Wire Weaving Industries, a local wire mesh company, has urged businesses and domestic property owners to adopt modern technology as part of security measures to secure their environments.
Ryan Du Toit, an expert in security installations, said general sophistication in the crime space warranted a more robust measure to contain potential threats.
Mr Du Toit of JVA South Africa said this at a training programme held by Wire Weaving Industries, agents of JVA products in Ghana, in Kumasi last Thursday for installers of Roboguard, a security installation which registers and sends an alarm when there is an intrusion.
The training seminar was organised in conjunction with JVA South Africa, the second within the same week after an earlier event in Accra.
Delivering jobs
Mr Du Toit said while businesses were set up for profit, they required a secure environment to operate and thrive to deliver jobs and the source of livelihood to the youth in particular and the societies they served.
“It is important that businesses and households take measures to secure their property with the most advanced technological installations otherwise their investments could be in vain through burglary and other actions of intruders,” he said.
“It is also our expectation that the youth will take the opportunity in the installation of security wares to enhance their livelihoods. This is an economic opportunity that should expand the job space for the youth,” he added.
Mr Du Toit facilitated the training with Gavin Bulford, also of JVA South Africa.
JVA South Africa provides security solutions in fencing and other installations.
Wire Weaving Industries, a pioneer manufacturer of agro-industrial products, is also known for its presence in the security fencing business for industrial concerns and residential properties.


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