Skeletal parts discovered at Amanase palace; chief calls for calm

The Gyasehene of Amanase a suburb of Suhum in the Eastern Region, Osofopong Obengfo Nana Addo Agyekum I, has called for calm in Amanese following the discovery of skeletal parts at the palace.

The skeletal parts were discovered on Saturday, April 22 at the palace.

According to him, the skeletal parts were discovered due to the implementation of a verdict from the Akyem Abuakwa Judicial Council on the protracted old Amanase cemetery land.

The Judicial Council that sat on the case ruled that the old cemetery land belongs to a private investor hence all buried bodies should be exhumed and re-buried at the new cemetery to pave the way for the private investor to use the land.

Gyaasehene Nana Addo Agyekum I who indicated that freshly buried bodies which were exhumed were kept at the Suhum government’s hospital revealed that skeletal parts of buried royals were then taken to the palace as tradition demands for onward reburial.

Addressing the press on the raging issue, Osofopong Obengfo Nana Addo Agyekum I called on residents not to be scared as plans are far advanced to secure an area to re-bury the skeletal parts.

“Yes, it’s possible for us to have some carcass in the palace. It’s true we have some skeletal parts in the palace which are yet to be buried due to land litigation. We have not been able to perform the necessary burial due to the land litigation. In the olden days, when there was no cemetery, our forefathers used to bury chiefs in the palace, in some instances they will not bury the chief at all but will preserve his body in the palace. There is no palace that lacks power, every palace has its peculiar power”.

“Ignore reports that suggest that residents are scared of living in the area due to the discovery of the skeletal parts. You all should calm down, nothing untoward will happen to anyone”.

He also refuted claims that Okyehene Amoatia Ofori Panin was behind the sale of the old cemetery land indicating that the land was sold by his predecessor Nana Asamoah Dakwaa in 2012.

“Okyehene Amoatia Ofori Panin has no hand in the sale of the old cemetery. My grandfathers sold the cemetery in 2012,” he said.

Source: citinews


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