State Must Absorb Cost Of Medical Bills For Rape Victims – Lawyer

A private legal practitioner says rape victims must not be burdened with the cost of their medical treatment.

Cynthia Nimo Ampredu who is also a former Executive Director for the Human Rights Advocacy Center said rape victims suffer a great ordeal and often do not have the means to pay for the said fees, therefore, must be supported by the state.

“In cases of domestic violence or criminal issues generally, it is a matter for the state. And so the victim is basically a witness and the victim who has experienced something like that should not be bear an additional cost in addition to all the pains that she is going through,” she said.

This comes after the Eastern Regional Chair of the Ghana Medical Association disclosed that the Ghana Medical Association has approved fees for rape victims in the country.

Dr Arko Akoto-Ampaw told Samson Lardy Anyenini on JoyNews’ ‘Covid & The Law’ show that rape victims are expected to pay a minimum fee of ¢300 and a maximum fee not exceeding ¢500 for medical treatment for rape victims.

Nonetheless, actress and activist, Ama K Abrebese who was also on the show disclosed that some persons pay more than that.

According to her, there have been cases in which victims have paid up to ¢2,000 as medical bills for rape.

But Cynthia Nimo Ampredu, however, said whatever the case may be, victims of rape must not be allowed to pay for any fee.

She said the state must absorb all cost including transportation of the victims.

She argued that these persons are often the vulnerable and poor in society, therefore, must be given the necessary support.

“Basically, it shocks the conscience of any reasonable human being to think that a doctor will demand a fee for getting a medical report when we know how important a medical report is.

“So reasonably, and that is what it is actually supposed to be, the state needs to bear the cost

“These persons are also often along the poverty lines, so you want to make sure that you are giving them the necessary support so that we can curb this issue in society,” she added.

Source: Joyfmonline


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