Suame NDC office vandalised ahead of constituency elections

Some irate members of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Suame in the Ashanti Region have vandalised the party office over alleged ghost names in the constituency album

The aggrieved members claimed they had been delisted from the electoral roll and replaced with unknown faces. They also claim that the register of at least 21 branches of the party in the constituency has been compromised.

The members, some of whom hold positions at various branches turned their anger on top executives within the party accusing them of failing to address their concerns despite several petitions to their offices.

Suraj Mohammed is a branch executive of the NDC in the Suame Constituency. He cannot hide his frustrations as he explains he may be disenfranchised.

NDC Suame office

“We realized that some of the names have been expunged. We called our regional chairman last Sunday and he met the Regional Elections Committee. The briefing suggested that the committee was relying on a new list and we believe the register had been compromised.

When we pointed this out to the committee they told us they were waiting for an “order from above”, he explained.

NDC Suame office

The party office was visibly in a mess as items such as stationery and other equipment were destroyed during the raid.

The elections come off this weekend at the various constituencies of the party. This means the party hierarchy will have to race against time to deal with these vexing matters ahead of the polls.

“We are expected to vote on Saturday (22 October). And so if you tell me you are awaiting a call from above then it means I will be disenfranchised. If the party wants peace they should take steps to resolve this issue or else they will face our wrath”, one of the members warned.

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