Telecoms Chamber hopeful of speedy SIM registration process soon

The Chamber of Telecommunications says it is hopeful that an update to the software used for the SIM card re-registration process will help speed up the process.

Long queues are being recorded at the various mobile network service centres across the country as many Ghanaians rush to meet the March 31, 2022 deadline set for registering SIM cards.

The situation has led to many people raising concerns about the process.

But speaking to Citi News, the Chief Executive of the chamber, Ken Ashigbey said KelniGVG, the developer of the platform for the registration, is expected to introduce a new update on Thursday which will hopefully reduce the time spent in registering each person.

“We know that there’s been a lot of challenges and KelvniGVG are the people who have developed the app to provide the second phase of the biometric verification and there have been a lot of updates that KelniGVG has done. There is one that is due for Thursday evening, and all of it is supposed to speed up the process. There have been some bottlenecks with them and that is why we are having the queues at the various centres. We hope that this new update will quicken the process and make it faster,” he said.

Mr. Ashigbey further said the mobile network operators have introduced other measures on their own, including opening more outlets to reduce queues and ensure many more persons are registered per day.

He also urged various institutions to consider institutional registrations to ease the queues.

“The operators are using other means to be able to speed up the processes. They are opening various outlets and doing some institutional registrations, all in the bid of taking the process back to the consumer.”

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