Tesano: Fire guts building at Kardolf junction

Fire has gutted a building at KardoIf Junction at Tesano near Caza Maza restaurant believed to be a warehouse.

Several medical supplies meant to manage the COVID-19 pandemic were reportedly destroyed by the fire.

The actual cause of the fire is not yet known however, according to eyewitnesses, the fire commenced around 1pm and was characterized by an explosion.

They added that, the fire started when two trees fell on an electricity distribution line close to the building.

Firefighters and the police are currently at the scene to douse the fire and maintain security respectively.

An eyewitness told Citi News “I do not know the actual cause of the fire. We immediately called on the Fire Service, we had to wait for a while before they came. When they came, some of us were complaining over the delay, and one of them asked us if we are the ones to teach them their job.”

“But all in all, it is great the fire has finally been put out and no one was harmed.”

Meanwhile, ADO2 Alex King Nartey with the Public Relations Department of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) indicated they initially had a challenge locating the venue however, they were able to get to the scene on time.

Source: citinews


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