The 3 conditions NPP needs to be able to break the 8 – Addai-Nimoh explains

Francis Addai-Nimoh has announced his bid to become NPP flagbearer
Francis Addai-Nimoh has announced his bid to become NPP flagbearer

A former Member of Parliament for Mampong, Francis Addai-Nimoh, has stated that the realisation of New Patriotic Party (NPP)’s ‘Breaking the 8’ vision is tied to some three conditionalities.

Speaking to GhanaWeb TV on Election Desk, the MP, who is seeking to become the NPP’s flagbearer, said that it is important that such things like the performance of the government are considered as a key factor of this plan.

Another of these conditionalities, he added, is the candidate that the party elects to represent it in the next general elections, adding that he believes he is the right one.

“The breaking the 8 has three basic conditions that need to be satisfied: the unity within the party itself must be strengthened so that we maximize our efforts, then the government performance is also key to help the party to break the 8, and then the third condition is the face that will lead the party to be able to break the 8,” he stated.

Francis Addai-Nimoh has also outlined a seven-point policy plan that he believes will bring Ghana a drastic change in the near future.


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