Times are tough, but we’ll break the 8 & take Bolga East seat – NPP’s Mathew Amoah

Mathew Amoah, an aspiring New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary Candidate for Bolga East Constituency in the Upper East Region, says that even though times are tough, the party is poised with a united front to break the eight and snatch the parliamentary seat from the incumbent NDC MP, Dr. Dominic Ayine.

Mr. Amoah made the announcement during a unity walk attended by the party’s rank and file in Zuarungu to energise and unite the party for victory in 2024.

Mr. Amoah told Citi News that the NPP’s Bolga East Constituency has begun processes to close ranks and galvanise the party’s base in order to capture the seat for the NPP.

“You know after every election people step on each other toes and I thought it wise to organize this unity walk and to support them so that in a way we can bring the party together for victory in 2024.

“We admit things are hard, and it’s not just Ghana, it’s everywhere. The NPP is a government people must trust. We will put our stuff together and get the economy back on track to break the eight and snatch the Bolga East parliamentary seat for the NPP”.

Mr. Amoah has promised to help the constituency grow.

He urged Bolga East citizens to reject propaganda politics and work tirelessly to develop the region.

Hundreds of NPP regional and constituency executives, TESCON members, and supporters took part in the unity walk.




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