TUC gives Sunon Asogli ultimatum to reinstate its sacked workers

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) is demanding the immediate reinstatement of three of their local union leaders whose appointments have allegedly been terminated by Sunon Asogli Ghana Limited.

According to the union, the reason for their leader’s termination was that they joined a union called the Ghana Mine Workers Union Association which is under the Trades Union Congress. This the union describes as absurd.

Speaking to the media, the Secretary General of the union, Dr Yaw Baah says onward action will be taken if, by April 3, 2023, Sunon Asogli Ghana Limited does not reinstate its local leaders.

“We are calling on the management of Sunon Asogli Power Limited and all authorities concerned to ensure that all the three local union leaders of Sunon Asogli Power Limited whose appointments have been wrongfully terminated are reinstated immediately.

We are serving notice that if by April 3, 2023, the three local union leaders who have been dismissed are not reinstated and the various acts of intimidation and victimization by the company have not ceased, the Trades Union Congress and all its affiliate unions have no other option but to advise itself”.

The union bemoan the blatant abuse of Ghanaian workers is getting to alarming levels, especially, by foreign multinational companies and this is creating tension on the labour front.

They say they won’t stay aloof for any of their members to undergo any form of abuse and humiliation. They however bemoaned the attitude of the company has implications for its members constitutional rights to freedom of association.

The union has however urged the National Labour Commission, Minister for Employment and Labour Relations, the Minister for Energy, Minister for National Security and the Minister for Finance to take a keen interest in the matter.


SOurce: citinews


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