UG students protest over hikes in fees, new residential policy

Some aggrieved students of the University of Ghana have converged at Obra Spot in Accra to march against certain decisions of the university management.

Students of the university, especially residents of the Commonwealth and Sarbah Halls have been protesting the decision of the university to allow only level 100 students into those halls and relocate continuing students to other hostels.

The new directive to reassign the continuing students to other halls comes on the back of numerous clashes recorded between students of the respective halls in times past.

Hundreds of students who returned to school in January were prevented from entering those two halls and were asked to go to other halls.

The students are also accusing the university management of increasing fees by more than the 15% approved by Parliament.

Citi News‘ Charles Owusu Kumi who reported from the Obra Spot on Friday said the students who are in their hundreds said some of the decisions of the university are unfair and put a huge financial burden on the students.

The students who were clad in red and black bands called on the government to come to their aid and stop the university management from enforcing the unpopular decision.


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