Upper East Region: Enskinment of Bachonsa chief stalls

A process that began Tuesday, 23 November 2021, to enskin a chief for the Bachonsa community in the Builsa traditional area in the Upper East Region has stalled.

The enskinment, which was held at the durbar grounds in Sandema, stalled a few moments into the process when a member of the Bachonsa community stepped forward to testify against one of the contenders.

The testifier told the Overlord that Peter Apaam Achaana was once arrested by the police in Kumasi for possessing Marijuana. He stressed that the alleged criminal record of Achaana made him unfit to contest the Bachonsa skin.

The testifier prayed the Overload to disqualify Achaana even though he failed to furnish the traditional council with evidence.

The testifier (blue smock) testifying against Peter Apaam Achaana on his left side
The Overload, Nab Azantilow who wants transparency in the enskinment, therefore, put the process on hold and called for an investigation into the allegation.

He told the media, “Apaam said he is prepared to clear his name and so I had to postpone the function [enskinment]. When he clears his name, I will set another date for the enskinment.”

He continued that, “the traditional council cannot go into the allegation that he has been imprisoned before. So, I have given it to the police to investigate.”

Peter Apaam Achaana,
Peter Apaam Achaana, the accused contestant
Nab Azantilow urged calm among his people. He said it was for the good of Buluk that he wants to ensure the proper procedure is taken to enskin the right person.

He mentioned that the Builsa traditional council in the future will ensure that background checks are conducted on persons who present themselves to contest chieftaincy in the area.

“Going forward, I will ensure that any candidate for chieftaincy is cleared first of any wrongdoing before the day of enskinning to avoid things like this. I will introduce it and will let the police do it. The security agencies will clear you first.”


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