VP Kamala Harris deemed a hypocrite for demanding Brittney Griner’s release

Kamala Harris’ support of Brittney Griner would be far more accepted in American society if it wasn’t for her dark past as a prosecutor. Back in 2019, the San Jose Mercury News reported that during her tenure as San Francisco’s top prosecutor, Kamala Harris handled more than 1,900 marijuana convictions.

Out of all, a few dozen people were incarcerated but most of those were low-level possession cases that were spared prison time. That was between 2004 and 2010 but she wasn’t done by the time she left that office. In 2011, Harris was elected as California’s Attorney General and locked 1,970 people up for marijuana offenses. An investigation by the Washington Freee Beacon was at the forefront of this investigation.

In 2016, Harris vehemently opposed California’s marijuana legalization ballot initiative that ultimately passed that year. But something drastically changed during that time, she was starting to get presidential buzz and she had to change her tactics if she wanted to get far as a politician. Convenience is what made her change her mind, there is a likely chance she still opposes marijuana use.

Her radical change of the issue came after 2018, she even endorsed a bill that would’ve removed cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act that didn’t pass. Harris even wrote a book where she explained why cannabis should be decriminalized. The things one does for power…

After Brittney Griner’s conviction in Russia for the same offense she punished for so many years, Harris’ support for the WNBA star was met with a lot of criticism. Most users recalled her many actions against marijuana users and deemed her a hypocrite.

People can change though, but Kamala Harris sure looks like she did it for politcial reasons that eventually worked for her. Today, she is the vicepresident of the United States and has a good chance to win the presidency if she runs for office someday.



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