We need to coexist for own development – Osudoku chief

The Paramount Chief of the Osudoku Traditional Area, Aadegbon Ngmongmowuyaa Kwesi Animle VI, has asked the people of Osudoku and Ga-Dangmes in general to coexist and live in peace for their own development.
Nene Animle, who is also the President of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs, said where there was peace and the people coexist, development strove.
On the other hand, he said, where there was no peace, but chaos and anarchy there would be retardation in development which would have an adverse effect on every aspect of human life.
“We have come to a stage in life that we need to coexist and support one another in whatever we do as a people.
If we don’t come together as a unit, then we shall retard our development,” Nene Animle emphasised.
The Osudoku paramount chief gave the admonition at a mini durbar of purification for the Osudoku Stools instead of the annual celebration of the Adegbon Festival.

Nene Animle, who made the traditional purification of the stools in a brief ceremony with strict adherence to the COVID-19 safety protocol, explained to the divisional chiefs of the various divisions that the COVID-19 was still in existence; hence, the suspension of the annual Aadegbon Festival.
As part of the ceremony, the divisional chiefs of the various divisions namely: Gbesekpono, Gbesedorm, Klekpa, Lanor, Kasunya and Tsangmer, in addition to Suapolor, Tufuhene and Sipim all renewed their oaths of allegiance to the paramount chief for the ensuing year.
Petty squabbles
Nene Animle asked his people as well as all other places in the Ga-Dangme Traditional areas to resolve their petty quarrels and misunderstandings if any so as to promote development agenda of the various areas.
The Osudoku paramount chief used the occasion to commend the members of the Shai-Osudoku District Assembly for their maturity exhibited during the confirmation of the Shai-Osudoku District Chief Executive (DCE), Mr Fred Offei, at Dodowa recently.
Nene Animle said what was happening at confirmations of the metropolitan, municipal, and district chief executives (MMDCEs) was not in good taste and, therefore, cited that of the Shai-Osudoku assembly members as an example of co-existence and mutual understanding which translated into peaceful confirmation of the DCE.
He said although most of the assembly members belonged to any of the two major political parties, namely, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) or the National Democratic Congress (NDC), yet they threw party affiliations aside and did the needful in the interest of development of the Shai-Osudoku District.
The paramount chief, who was passionate about the roads and police stations in his traditional area, urged the government for that matter the DCE to fulfil the 2020 campaign promises to the people of the area.
The new DCE, in response to the requests of the Osudoku Traditional Area, said “I know your challenges which are already on my table.
What I need from you as a traditional area is unity and cooperation to promote the development you are yearning for.”
He urged the people of the Osudoku not to look at the political party in power, but the help they could offer the leadership of the party for that matter the ruling government to succeed.


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