Weedy medians being cleared at last

Some sections of medians in Accra which were overgrown with weeds are now being cleared.
This follows months of neglect by city authorities.

Apart from being overgrown, the weeds also posed a danger to pedestrians and drivers alike, as they found it difficult to see the opposite sections of roads.

The situation is worse with drivers doing U-turns, as they are unable to see vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

However, following a Daily Graphic report, the weeds are now being cleared.

Places where the weeds are being cleared include the median along the Mallam-Kasoa Highway and the Mahama Road.

The Ofankor-Pokuase median yet to be cleared

Also at places such as Panbros, the Weija Junction, White Cross and Brigade, excavators have been used to tidy up the medians.

In its Friday, June 3, 2022 edition, the Daily Graphic reported that there was overgrown grass on most highways and other roads within the Greater Accra Region.

It said the grass, meant to be well maintained as part of efforts to beautify the landscape, had become an eyesore on most of the dual carriage roads.

Source: Graphiconline


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