We’ll hunt down all students involved in Krobea school riots – Police

Police in the Ashanti Region say they are pursuing all other students who were involved in the Krobea Asante Technical and Vocational School riots.

A court in Asokore Mampong on Tuesday, January 24, 23, remanded 39 students on remand for their involvement in the violent act.

Speaking to journalists in Kumasi, the Head of Legal and Prosecution at the Ashanti Regional Police Command, ACP Kofi Blagodzi said such acts will not be tolerated.

He warned that the police will ensure that other students involved in the act will be arrested to face the full rigours of the law.

ACP Kofi Blagodzi further cautioned other students in other schools to desist from engaging in vandalism which leads to loss of government’s properties.

“Yes, we are pursuing all other students who are connected to the offence. Just a warning to all other students in other institutions that they should complement the government’s efforts. Government is spending so much in SHSs, and they can’t pay the government back with this mayhem, this vandalism, no,” Head of Legal and Prosecution at the Ashanti Regional Police Command warned.

Out of 39 accused persons who were arrested and put before court, 27 are juveniles and 12 are young offenders.

The accused persons have been charged with conspiracy to commit a crime with unlawful entry, causing unlawful damage, and stealing.

Lawyers for the accused persons prayed for the court to grant the students bail, but the prosecution argued otherwise.

The students caused a power outage and broke into the storerooms of the school and scattered food items.

Authorities say their action could be linked to the dissatisfaction the students expressed about the poor performance of their predecessors in the 2022 end-of-year examination.


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