What Okyenhene said about villagers, witches who insult adults

The Okyenhene, Osagyefuo Amoatia Ofori Panin on Sunday addressed the congregation at the St Mark Anglican Church at Kyebi touched on disrespect in society which has been culminating in insults especially directed at the elderly.
He indicated that it was only those who were not properly trained at home would insult the elderly.

Supporting the sermon delivered by the priest in church on Sunday, that the youth should stay away from illegal mining and desist from the destruction of the environment, the Okyenhene said

He said the government for instance has introduced free senior high school for the youth, but some are still not interested in going to school but prefer engaging in illegal mining which fetches them around GH¢100 per day.

He insisted that GH¢100 cannot sustain anyone for a proper future planning and so if the youth were interested in their future, it was better for them to stay away from illegal mining and let the government know that it the free SHS was very appreciative.

He said it could even get a point when people with Bachelor’s degree may be doing cleaning jobs.

Turning attention on insults, he said it was villagers and witches who insult adults.

He said if Ghanaians were to manage our natural resources very well, the country would be better off than other countries.

He said chiefs were also involved in the illegality and should show love towards the country and desist from destroying the environment and the country as leaders.

Source: graphiconline


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