In my candid opinion and from fair judgement, among others key reasons, Prof Kalamonia ought to retain as NPP’s Savannah Regional Chairman. As a social change agent and true Patriot, surveys done has proven that, most of our dedicated grassroots NPP youth, across 7 CONSTITUENCIES of Savannah Region, strongly believe that, his performance within this short PERIOD as first Npp Regional Chairman has so far brought joy, hope, relief and re candles Spirit to belong to NPP in the area. Some youth groups even mentioned Prof stands taller among other party’s Regional chairmen and that, he has more wisdom and attracts huge respect.

Chairman Kalamonia must be retained by delegates to firmly stabilise Npp in S/R, strongly unite followers/members, increase its visibility, amplify voices of NPP’s youth, empower people to work thereby increasing seats/prez vote margins in 2024 and beyond. With Prof, breaking the 8 will be very easy, for he understands issues very well, knows true party followers and sufferers better. For “the DEVIL you know is better than the Angel you don’t know “.

His passion, love for NPP couple with many sacrifices made for our great Party dates back 2000. Prof has served, paid his dues appropriately to Npp hence, deserves to be retained to do much better. Despite, the positive impact, he is not an Angel.

Over the years, Prof used his own resources to sponsor a number of past Npp parliamentary candidates in Gonjaland (during general elections) while our Party was in opposition. I was then former Npp Asst Secretary for Yapei/Kusawgu CONSTITUENCY (between 2002 and 2010). On several occasions Prof donated fuel among other logistics to support our campaign work in the orphan CONSTITUENCY. The late Hon. Issah Ketekewu and Hon Alhaji Yakubu Zakariah became parliamentary candidates for Npp respectively until 2008. Other areas in Gonjaland equally benefited from Prof.

Chairman Kalamonia is a true Patriot who have faith in NPP. He doesn’t relent on his efforts when it comes to investing in Npp.

Prof is the current chairman, he is a native of Daboya in the North Gonja District. He has strong passion for our great Party. A strong Muslem by faith (he read/completed the Holy Quran), very responsible, sympathetic to the vulnerable, committed to duty, dynamic, patient and respects rights of others. He believes in our local politics, very matured, well trained and natured. Prof understands Gonja tradition/ culture as well as that of other ethnic groups living in the S/ Region.

In 2020, he worked hard (as dynamic team leader) to deliver 3 seats for Npp. Hence, could do better if, retained as Savannah Regional Npp Chairman for the next 4 years.

Hon Ken. K. Addae (Nat. Coord of NPP Northern Agenda for JDM DEFEAT Campaign – NORJ-DEC).


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