Dodowa is a town located in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, it is the district capital of Dangme West district, now Shai Osudoku District.

The city is 39 km from the capital city, Accra. The notable tourist site found there is the Dodowa Forest. We celebrate “Ngmayemi festival”. (Ngma is millet and yemi is eating).

Every first Friday in October marks Ngmayemi festival.

There is also the Dodowa Health Research Centre which majors in health related researches and implementation researches.

Katamanso War also known (Battle of Dodowa) was a war that Ga Adanmge defeated and prevented Ashantis from dominating the coast in 1824. It is classified as one of the “Anglo-Ashanti Wars.

Chenku waterfall drops from a height of about 250 feet and is running on stratified rocks into a cool and clean pool with a large tilapia.Chenku Waterfalls, also known as Wuruduwurudu, is within the Po stream valley is joined by two other streams “Sanyade” and “Popotsi” before it meanders into the sea.

The Giant Boabab tree at the edge of Dodowa, opposite Forest Hotel is where the ceremony was held to mark the end of conflict.

Latitude of Dodowa: – 5,8833 (552’59.988″N)

Longitude of Dodowa: -0,1167 (07’0.001″W)

Altitude of Dodowa: – 175 m

Distance from city Dodowa to 25 biggest cities of country: Ghana. Distance (Km)
Dodowa – Accra 39 km
Dodowa – Kumasi 188 km
Dodowa – Tamale 399 km
Dodowa – Tema 32 km
Dodowa – Ashiaman 31 km
Dodowa – Teshi 33 km
Dodowa – Cape Coast 153 km
Dodowa – Obuasi 175 km
Dodowa – Takoradi 212 km
Dodowa – Sekondi 205 km
Dodowa – Koforidua 27 km
Dodowa – Nungua 32 km
Dodowa – Takyiman 276 km
Dodowa – Madina 23 km
Dodowa – Sunyani 293 km
Dodowa – Bolagatanga 551 km
Dodowa – Yendi 395 km
Dodowa – Ho 103 km
Dodowa – Old Tafo 191 km
Dodowa – Tafo 191 km
Dodowa – Swedru 118 km
Dodowa – Wa 532 km.

Distance from city: Dodowa to Top 10 cities of the world
Distance (Km)
Dodowa – Berlin 5 269 km
Dodowa – London 5 018 km
Dodowa – Los Angeles 12 142 km
Dodowa – Moscow 6 383 km
Dodowa – New York 8 219 km
Dodowa – Paris 4 689 km
Dodowa – Peking 11 791 km
Dodowa – Rio De Janeiro 5 606 km
Dodowa – Sydney 15 776 km
Dodowa – Tokyo 13 777 km
Dodowa – Prague 5 081 km.

Manya is mark with green my ancestors home.

Thank you.

Source: Prince Ofori/Banzmediahaus taken Dodowa to the globe.



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