Alan’s Strategic Vision Of Arresting The Dollar – ALANCONOMICS

Ecclesiastes 10:5-8
Africa is one of the richest continents but yet poor. A lot of evil (injustice) is at display due to the neglect of certain core values in the African continent.
In Africa to win elections one must say what he will say to convince people to allow him taste power and doesn’t even care to promise his audience heaven, when he knows he will deliver them hell.

In Africa naked people can be seen in daylight promising others clothes and they gladly believe.

Much talk and lofty promises has been the order of the day instead of practical actions that will impact lives.

Africa is blessed with gold, diamond, manganese, bauxite, steal, copper, timber and above all a virgin Land.
Yet in the midst of all this abundant wealth, we still depend on aid to survive.
We have prekese and dawadawa, but prefer combined chemicals that are imported with uncountable health hazards to us.

So when the great philosopher indicated in verse seven of the book of Ecclesiastes that ” slaves are ridding on horses and kings walking” do you understand?
Africa is a blessed Land with natural resources, but is seriously in need of a practical and competent leader who can help realize her potential.
Africa is a hub of raw materials and talents. But who will help develop those raw materials? That is the more reason why she will still have to beg for food and money before her children are fed at the expense of her resources.
The Aroma of other nations food is our desire yet in our environment we have more and better delicacies to offer our people.
Our cocoa is raw, our cassava is raw, our farms are filled with plantain and potatoes, yet we import chocolates, chips, and many more. Why Africa?

Luckily on the part of Ghana, a certain leader has finally demonstrated by virtue of his long standing commitment and track record that the narrative must change.
A transformational leader that has the heart of Ghana, the heart of the people, the heart of Africa as his heart beat.
On the continent has emerged a global icon that is ready to tackle the Goliath (poverty) of mother Africa from all dimensions.
As David remembered once killing Lions, so is this global icon equally remembered for numerous achievements.

Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen is the man to rewrite and redefine the heritage of Ghana and Africa at large.
To arrest the dollar, “Alanconomics” is the real antidote.
This is the strategy of building our foreign exchange reserves so the cedi is stronger against the dollar and major foreign currencies. This will provide eternal cure to the persistent depreciation of the cedi and the ceaseless anxiety that always confronts businesses.
This vision of “Alanconomics”, seeks to help Ghana produce what she eats, reduce imports and increase exports.

Ghana will then be able to stay in control of its economic future by improving the competitiveness of the 76 factories that are operational under 1D1F in order to take advantage of AfCTA.
“Alanconomics” is the vision that Alan has for Ghana by reshaping the structure of the economy by using trade as a weapon to stabilize our cedi and accelerate our industrial development.
Under this vision, the country’s industrial development drive will be accelerated through skills acquisition and value addition to its natural resources to generate “cash” to finance its developmental needs. Ghana won’t borrow again, the youth will be empowered, jobs will be in abundance and cash will flow into Ghana.
“Alanconomics” will establish Ghana as the industrial hub of Africa and the country will get the right value for it’s natural resources.
This will permanently solve the persistent depreciation of the cedi.
Ghana won’t be a beggar but rather a rich and prosperous nation in charge of its affairs.

As David was anointed, so is Alan anointed to lead the charge for stability of our economy.
Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen during his vetting for a third stint as Minister of Trade, proved with his vision for Ghana that he’s capable of leading Ghana’s rise as an industrial power house in Africa.
Infact his political opponents like the Hon. Haruna Iddrisu saw him as the Minister of the economy of Ghana. Hon. Muntaka saw him as a hero, Hon. Ablakwa saw him as one of the most respected political figures without blemish and finally the entire vetting panel reverenced him by giving him a standing novation.
There is always this popular saying “experience is the best teacher”.
Hon Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen commands respect both inside and outside the NPP. That is even more a reason to vouch for him as the next flagbearer to redeem Ghana to her rightful place.


Source: Yaw Solomon Bimoktey and Terry Afram-Kumi


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