The Savannah Regional Communications Directorate of the New Patriotic Party is outraged and saddened by the callous effect of the deadly Corona virus which has ravaged several countries in the world and still on the ravaging tournament. The contagious disease which was first discovered in China, trickled into several countries, claimed several lives and brought their economies operating on reverse gears.

Africa and our home country, Ghana in particular, has not been leniently favoured either by this deadly virus as confirmed cases keeps souring on daily basis. Five persons with underlying health problems have unfortunately been consumed already by the disease with a relatively low recovery rate in our dear country.

As we pray for the peaceful repose of the souls of those who have succumbed to death through the virus alongside the speedy recovery of those on treatment, we wish to humbly and gently appeal for an immediate and urgent intervention from sons and daughters of the Savannah Region to walk on the exemplary path of their contemporaries in the southern part of Ghana who have donated PPEs to health facilities in their home Regions.

It has been reported by the media that, the Savannah Regional Minister has sacrificed Two(2) months of his salary to the National COVID-19 fund. The former president, H.E John Dramani Mahama has also donated some PPEs and Drinking water to the Ridge Hospital in Accra. The Savannah Regional NPP Chairman and all District Chief Executives in the Region are also reported to have donated some PPEs and items to some selected facilities and groups in the Savannah Region. Lawyer Abu Jinapo, the NPP Parliamentary Candidate for Damongo and some MPs in the Region have equally done similar donations as the Gonjaland Youth Association did alongside their daily sensitization of the Savannah land.

As we commend the above personalities and groups for such a wonderful service, we would appeal to many other Sons and Daughters of the land leaving within and without to as a matter of urgency donate to this course. These contributions must specifically target the Savannah and Northern Regions as they have some of the newly created Regions yet to have the full requirements to withstand the current menace coupled with the long standing deprivation of the latter.

Nurses and other frontline health workers in health facilities in the five Northern Regions have been working without all the requisite items coupled with the glaring life threatening hazards even before the outbreak of COVID-19. But the former president’s feigned oblivion of the plight of his own people is an absolute miscalculation and his attention must be averted to his insensitivity. His home region, the infant Savannah Region is sandwiched by two regions with confirmed cases – the Northern Region and the Upper West Region. This should have prompted H.E the former President that, the Northern part of the country should have been top on his gesture list. This path that Former President Mahama led us in his rule as a President must not continue.

The West Gonja District Hospital, in the heart of the Regional Capital, Damango has been in the news as loud as devastating COVID-19 for insufficient PPEs as captured by Ghanaweb. Why will Candidate Mahama pay a death ear to the Facility in his “home” Region where he was delivered but rather chose to donate only to Ridge hospital that may just have enough?

We call on benevolent personalities as Ing. Dr. Clifford, Hon Otiko Afisa, Dr Abu Sakara and a host of others to donate to our facilities in these trying moments. Billionaires of the land such as Ibrahim Mahama, Peter Mahama, and the rest must emulate the likes of Hon. Kennedy Agyeapong, Kwame Despite of Despite group of companies etc, who equally gave back to society what society sacrificed for them. This is the time to show your might.

We conclude by calling on Gonjaland Traditional Council and the Savannah Regional Cordinating Council to collaborate diligently to fight this menace. We also entreat all well meaning Ghanaians and the Savannah Region in particular to strictly observe the laid down guidelines for the fight against COVID-19.

May God Bless us all and Bless our homeland Ghana.

Mohammed Issah-0244227266
(Savannah Regional Communications Director-NPP)


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