Innovation has become necessary in these troubling times. Ghana and the world is plagued by the
Corona virus pandemic making it difficult to engage in activities like before. One major industry that
has been hugely affected is the sports industry.
In Ghana as part of the process of easing restrictions, some none contact sports have been allowed
to resume training. Unfortunately, being a contact sport, rugby league could not meet the criteria . As
such, it has become prudent to engage our members virtually for the time being. Taking cognisance
of the above, we have partnered Decathlon Ghana (a sports store that seeks to make sports
accessible to all in Ghana) to access their daily fitness sessions dubbed “Sports @ Home”.
In order to get the playing body to exercise continuously, these sessions as well as a special
Wednesday evening session will certainly begin to work the magic – Marshall Nortey (Physical
Trainer, Rugby League Federation Ghana National Team) said.
In a statement issued by the CEO of Decathlon Ghana, Mr Kwasi Tabury he said;
Decathlon Ghana seeks to make sports accessible to all thus increasing life expectancy from 66
years to 77. “Organising this daily exercises for our users is a way of ensuring we give back to society
while achieving our mission too.
We have always prided ourselves as being an organization which has placed HUMANITY at the
center of our Project.
With the advent of the global Corona Virus Pandemic and the negative effects which followed it, we
were challenged with how we would live our Humanity Project in a time where Human Contact is
Alas, our drive and motivation to Change People’s Lives through Sports, conquered it all. Indeed
Adversity breeds Creativity.
My Team and I came up with very innovative ways of living our purpose of #Sports4All whilst fighting
the spread of the virus. One example is the Sports @ Home Live Sessions we air on our Facebook
page every Monday to Friday from 6pm to 6:45 pm and on Saturdays at 10am to 10:45am. Join us on
these days for an amazing Sports experience with our Certified Sports Coaches.
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